Fusion / Contemporary

Folk Dances of Rajasthan


The dance of the royal caste Rajput of Rajasthan. An elegant swirl of women dancing in a circle. The dance becomes entranced and is performed in honor of the goddess Parvati in Gauri Puja Festival. It is celebrated in Rajasthan area and is characterized by its twists, hip movements and gestures that tells the stories of women in their daily Rajasthani and culture: clothing, veils, jewelry, kitchen, love stories, weddings .. most of the time dancing with several women and make circles as mandalas in which the skirts and veils themselves draw circular shapes.


Originally from the area of the Thar Desert, between Rajasthan and Pakistan, this dance belongs to the Sapera ethnic group, known as the gypsies of India or snake charmers, musicians and dancers and nomads. This dance is characterized with its shaken and gay movements that try to mimic the sinuous dance of Cobra in his trance. Movements wrists, hips and with some touches numerous acrobatic turns and sensational, as the dance of the jars stacked in balance on the head and with fire … an awesome show that combines strength and elegance.


Product of Bom bay film industry, Bollywood dances merge many styles in the same language. uses classical dance movements, folk and modern India, but also mixed with steps from other dances: oriental, modern, hip hop, break beat, flamingo .. While that has been inspiring of synchronized choreography and dancers numbers eighties as Michael Jackson, Madonna, this dance is danced in numerous group and with a cheerful language, expressive and lively to the frenetic pace of India.

Contemporary Fusion

When the expressive language of the eastern Indian dances and contemporary movements encounters. When the complex and fragmented gestures associated with simplicity and nakedness of contemporary dance. An encounter between expression and introspection, between containment and expansion. A dance of contrasts and subtle complementarity that is marked with larger movements, fabrics and projections games.

Fusión contemporáneo

Cuando el lenguaje expresivo de las danzas indias y orientales se encuentra con movimientos contemporáneos. Cuando la gestualidad compleja y fragmentada se asocia a la simplicidad y la desnudez de la danza contemporánea. Un encuentro entre expresión y introspección, entre contención y expansión. Una danza de contrastes y sutil complementariedad que se marca con movimientos más amplios, juegos de telas y proyecciones.

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