Bollywood clasical

level 1:  18.45-20h15

level 2: 20h15-21h45

Wenesdays from 08.04.15 to 10.06.15

C.C Guinardo – Barcelona

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:::::: MARCH

dance workshop france

Workhops in Esperaza ( France)

Saturday and sunday 14-15 of March

Indian Gipsy Dance Khalbelyia

Bollywood Classical

taller de danza gitana

:::::: APRIL

Workshop in Barcelona

Khalbelyia gipsy dance – Saturday 25 of April 2015 16h30-19h30

Barcelona- Etudio Varali – passatge Vilaret 17 Sagrada Familia

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:::::: MAY

Nritya Yoga of dance

Khalbelyia gipsy dance

El Galpón – Badalona- Barcelona

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Throughout the course will be an introduction to the different styles that are in Bollywood dancing, come from Indian classical dances (mudras / hands, arms, basic steps), oriental dance (hip movements, undulations, hands Persian ..) and Indian folk dance (Bhangra, Ghoomar Rajhastan ..) and have the chance to dance one or two choreographies as grupo.Bollywood level is an easy to learn dance, combines energy, sensuality and joyful rhythms of the songs. In this introductory course we will focus on the dance numbers characteristic of the Indian film industry and knowledge of aspects of Indian culture.

Location: Civic Centre Guinardo -

Date:  on wenesdays from 6.45 PM to 8.15 PM and from 8.15 PM to 9.45 PM
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In this course we will see so introducer base Kathak, classical dance of Northern India and origins of flamenco. An ancient dance that blends subtly force their steps to the sweetness and elegance of his arms. Mudras, postures, twists, Indian theatricality. A dip in the finest culture of the palaces of North India, enjoying the art of dance with its Persian and Indian influences, perfect elegance …
That dance comprises three essential elements: complex body movements and footwork, the expression of emotions and feelings through stylized hand gestures, facial mime, and the ability to represent drama and histrionics, spiritual storytelling or love.

Kathak dance originally performed by “kathakas” (storytellers), literally means “through dance history”, actors in the art of interpretation and mythological epics. Represented in temples and later in the Mughal court, has adapted, over the years, to different socio-cultural contexts to reach its present form.

“Come learn the spirit of the Divine” …

A “timeless atmosphere” which combines music, a rhythmic richness combined with sensuality, modesty, spirituality ancient. The grace and softness, representing the feminine (Lasya), in contrast to the strong rhythms that make the feet, male (Tandava).

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